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Char Dham Yatra Package from Bangalore

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From Bangalore you need to plan a maximum of 13 days Char Dham Yatra, if you have plans to reach Haridwar or Delhi by train. And minimum you need to give 6 days if you plan to go for a Char Dham Yatra by Helicopter.

We at Rajputana Cabs® offer our own fleet of cars, tempo travellers & bus in cities like Dehradun, Haridwar, Rishikesh & Delhi, and also have an office in Haridwar, to cater the Yatra Package requirements from all over India.

Below we have shared our best Char Dham Yatra Packages from Bangalore, along with route map of the Yatra, all places you will visit & more useful information.

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For Char Dham Yatra

Dham opening dates

The opening date for Yamunotri & Gangotri Dham temples is 10 May 2024, and for Kedarnath its 14 May & Badrinath 16 May.


Its cold all season as all Dham temples are near glacier area, and Kedarnath Temple is at a glacier. But its very cold from October to March.

Minimum time from Bangalore

Add 2 days for Bangalore to Uttarakhand (up & down), and 10 full days in Uttarakhand. So minimum 12 days.

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Packages for Char Dham Yatra from Bangalore

Rishikesh view

Leave for Delhi & then Haridwar from Bangalore on day 1, and reach here by day 2.

Then from day 3, we will start our Char Dham Yatra and by day day 12, will come back to Delhi, via Haridwar after completing the Yatra.

By day 13, you can catch the train back to Bangalore, & complete your 13 days Char Dham Yatra by train.

Transportation only package, for 13 days:

₹ 36,000 for Sedan car
₹ 60,000 for SUV car
₹ 84,000 in Tempo traveller

Transportation + Hotel package, for 13 days:

₹ 24,000 per person with cab
₹ 19,000 per person with bus

dehradun airport

10 days Char Dham Yatra from Bangalore by flight

On day 1, catch a flight to Dehradun (Jolly Grant Airport), and from here a cab will be assigned to you which will take you to Barkot for the night stay.

Then from day 2 to day 10, you will complete your Char Dham Yatra and catch the flight back to Dehradun on day 10 night or day 11.

Transportation only package, for 10 days:

₹ 30,000 for Sedan car
₹ 50,000 for SUV car
₹ 70,000 in Tempo traveller

Transportation + Hotel package, for 10 days:

₹ 20,000 per person with cab
₹ 16,000 per person with bus

India Gate Delhi

11 days Char Dham Yatra from Bangalore via Delhi

In this 11 days program, you will arrive in Delhi on day 1 via flight or train and leave for Haridwar by road (3-4 hour drive).

Then from day 2, you will leave for a 10 days Char Dham Yatra and by day 11, come back to Delhi and rest for the night.

On day 12, you will catch the flight/ train back to Bangalore from Delhi & thus completing your 12 days Char Dham Yatra from Bangalore via Delhi.

Transportation only package, for 12 days:

₹ 35,000 for Sedan car
₹ 57,000 for SUV car
₹ 80,000 in Tempo traveller

Transportation + Hotel package, for 12 days:

₹ 24,000 per person with cab
₹ 20,000 per person with bus

Badrinath Kedarnath temples

A Do Dham Yatra is a program of visiting Kedarnath Dham & Badrinath Dham.

Here you will arrive in Haridwar/ Rishikesh/ Dehradun on day 1 & rest for the night.

From Day 2 to day 7, you will stay in Guptkashi/ Sonprayag 2 n, Kedarnath 1n, Badrinath 1n, Rudraprayag 1n &  Haridwar/ Rishikesh/ Dehradun 1n and will visit Kedarnath & Badrinath Dham.

By day 8, you will catch the train/ flight back to Bangalore.

Transportation only package, for 8 days:

₹ 22,000 for Sedan car
₹ 36,000 for SUV car
₹ 52,500 in Tempo traveller

Transportation + Hotel package, for 8 days:

₹ 15,000 per person with cab
₹ 11,500 per person with bus

helicopter view

The quickest medium to complete Char Dham Yatra from Bangalore is helicopter service.

Here you will arrive in Dehradun on day 1 and rest for the night.

From day 2 to day 5, you will visit all Char Dham temples on days 2, 3, 4, and 5, and return to Dehradun on day 5 to rest for the night.

On day 6, catch the flight/train back to Bangalore.

Fare for 6 days:

₹ 160,000 per person


Helicopter rides
Cab + Driver from Helipad to hotel
5 night stay in star hotels with breakfast, and
VIP Darshan

kedarnath dham temple uk

Kedarnath Tour Package from Bangalore

Kedarnath Dham in Uttarakhand is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas and is the most visited temple of the Char Dham Yatra.

The sight of the Kedarnath Temple is so pure that some of our guests come here every year.

Here we present our 4-day Kedarnath Tour Package, starting from Haridwar/Rishikesh/Dehradun.

So arrive in any of these cities and plan a 4 days 3 nights Yatra to Kedarnath Dham.

Transportation on package, for 4 days::

₹ 12,000 for Sedan car
₹ 20,000 for SUV car
₹ 30,000 in Tempo traveller

Transportation + Hotel package, for 6 days:

₹ 7,500 per person with cab
₹ 5,500 per person with bus

And checkout our

Transportation only Package for Char Dham Yatra

crysta car view

Hire our car & driver for 6 days Do Dham Yatra, or 9-10 days Char Dham Yatra, starting from Haridwar at:


₹ 3,000 per day for sedan car
₹ 4,500 per day for Ertiga car
₹ 5,000 per day for Innova car
₹ 6,000 per day for Crysta car

tempo traveller view

We have 5 models of Tempo traveller in Haridwar which you can book for Char Dham Yatra. These are 12 seater, 17 seater. 20-24 seater, Maharaja & Urbania Traveller.


₹ 7,000 per day for 12 seater
₹ 9,000 per day for 17 seater
₹ 12,500 per day for 20 seater
₹ 8,000 per day for Maharaja
₹ 15,000 per day for Urbania

bus view

Whether you want to book a few seats in a Bus for Char Dham Yatra (10 days from Haridwar) or you want to book a complete bus. We are available with our 27 seater and 41 seater tourist bus.


₹ 3,500 per person, 10 days
₹ 135,000 for 10 days, 27 seater bus
₹ 175,000 for 10 days, 41 seater bus

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Know the complete

Char Dham Yatra Itinerary from Bangalore

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Flight options from Bangalore is for Delhi and Dehradun, though many guests prefer Delhi as it has more flights and better fare.

So in below Char Dham Yatra itinerary, we are consider as your day 1 arrival in Delhi before noon, which you can reach via flight or as train (before 4-5 pm).

Day 1 to 5: Yamunotri & Gangotri Dham Yatra

On day 1, we will leave from Delhi to Haridwar, which is a 225 km drive and a 4-hour journey. Soon, it will be a 2-hour road journey when the new Delhi-Dehradun expressway starts.

After reaching Haridwar, you will rest for the night, and the next day, you will depart for Barkot.

Day 2: After breakfast, depart for Barkot, which is a 190 km/5-6 hour drive. Rest for the night upon arrival.

Day 3: Arrive at Janki Chatti, begin your 5 km trek for the Yamunotri Dham Yatra, have darshan, and return by evening. Rest for the night in Barkot.

Day 4: After breakfast, depart for Uttarkashi. Visit Vishvanath Temple and rest for the night.

Day 5: Arrive at Gangotri village by road, visit the Gangotri Dham Temple, and return to Uttarkashi after darshan. Rest for the night.

Day 6 & 11: Kedarnath & Badrinath Dham Yatra

Day 6: After breakfast, depart for Guptkashi/Sitapur and rest for the night. Additionally, you can also book accommodation in Sonprayag, which is the last accessible city by road. From here, you will commence the trek for Kedarnath Dham.

Day 7: Arrive at Sonprayag in the morning. Then, take a local cab to Gaurikund since private cars are only permitted until Sonprayag.

From Gaurikund, embark on the 18 km journey to Kedarnath Dham. Your night stay will be at Kedarnath Base Camp.

Note: Alternatively, you can opt for helicopter service, palki, or horse to reach Kedarnath Dham

Day 8: If you were unable to have darshan yesterday, then visit the Kedarnath Dham Temple today. Darshan begins at 4 am. Return before lunchtime to reach Sonprayag by night. Rest for the night at Guptkashi/Sitapur.

Day 9: After breakfast, depart for Badrinath town, which is a 200 km drive. You can also plan to reach Pipalkoti, Joshimath, and rest for the night there.

Day 10: Reach Badrinath Dham Temple, have darshan, and then depart for Rudraprayag, where you will stay for the night. You can also visit the River Sangam during your stay.

Day 11: Return to Delhi by evening. You can catch the flight/train for Bangalore today or rest & depart on day 12.

Details to help you to plan

Char Dham Yatra from Bangalore

guest house view

Char Dham Hotels

If you start your Char Dham Yatra by arriving in Delhi, then you will be staying in Delhi 1n, Haridwar 1n, Barkot 2n, Uttarkashi 2n, Guptkashi 2n, Badrinath 1n (or Pipalkoti 1n) and Rudraprayag 1n.

Check out list for good hotels in these cities by clicking below button.

registration process view

Char Dham Yatra Registration

Registration for Char Dham Yatra can be done online and even with whatsapp.

Either you can take our assistance or checkout the below guide on Char Dham Yatra registration guide for all details.

Map view

Char Dham Yatra Route Map

Checkout our latest Route Map for Char Dham Yatra. Here we have chosen Haridwar as the starting & finishing point.

This is a 10 days Yatra route map, and you can also complete in 9 days by reaching Haridwar on day 9 from Badrinath, 325 km journey.


Char Dham Yatra Places

And as we have suggested, you will visit Vishvanath Temple in Uttarkashi, River Sangam at Rudraprayag, etc.

So, check out our guide on Char Dham Yatra Places, which tells you about all the temples, sites, and attractions that you can visit during a 10-day Yatra.

Additionally, we provide information on some places you can plan to visit by adding 2-3 extra days, such as Auli.