Kedarnath Yatra Route Map and distance

This is a guide on how to reach Kedarnath Dham, from anywhere in India

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Kedarnath Dham will open from 10 May 2024 and you can plan a trip here from any city of India, after reading this guide on Kedarnath Yatra Route Map and distance.

A few points to know before starting the Yatra:

1. Kedarnath Dham Yatra is of 16 km.

2. The starting point of the 16 km trek is Gaurikund.

3. The last town from where you can reach by car is Sonprayag.

4. From Sonprayag, you can only take a local cab to reach Gaurikund, 5 km away.

5. You need to allocate 2 full days for Kedarnath Dham Yatra, as the temple is open from 4 am to 9 pm.

1. How to reach Kedarnath Dham

haridwar to sonprayag

There are 2 ways to reach Kedarnath Dham.

First by completing the 16 km trek from Gaurikund, whose details are shared below, and second

By Helicopter, which runs from Phata, Sersi and Guptkashi Helipad.

Helicopter rates & booked process is shared below.

Lets first discuss the basic part of how to reach Kedarnath Dham, which is by road & then trek/ walk.

Reach Sonprayag from:

  • Haridwar, 220 km drive
  • Dehradun, 245 km drive
  • Delhi, 460 km drive

From these 3 cities you can reach Sonprayag by road only, as no train, flight is available nearby.

From Haridwar & Dehradun, its a 8-9 hour drive and from Delhi, Sonprayag is 13 hour drive.

After reaching Sonprayag, you will rest for the day as from tomorrow, you will start your Kedarnath Dham Yatra Trek.

Note: If you are not able to get accommodation at Sonprayag, then stay at Sitapur and Guptkashi which have many guest houses & Hotels.

GMVN Guptkashi is one good option, to checkout.

2. How to reach Kedarnath Temple from Sonprayag

sonprayag to kedarnath temple route

After 1 night’s rest at Sonprayag, or nearby, you will first take the shared taxi from Sonprayag to Gaurikund, a 5 km drive, and from here start your 18 km long trek.

This 16-17 km trek will take around 5 to 8 hours, as per your pace, and the points which you will see in between are:

  1. Gaurikund to Jungle Chatti, 4 km
  2. Jungle Chatti to BheemBali, 3 km
  3. BheemBali to Linchauli, 4 km
  4. Linchauli to Kedarnath Base Camp, 4-5 km

And if you can’t walk this 16-18 km, then you can take a Horse, Palki & Helicopter, at below suggested rates:


  • Gaurikund to Kedarnath: Rs 2300
  • Till Linchauli: Rs 1600
  • Till Bheembali: Rs 700


  • Till Kedarnath: Rs 4500-5500 for 75-90 kg
  • Return fare: Rs 8000-9000
  • Till Linchauli: Rs 3600


  • From Phata Helipad: ₹ 5500
  • From Sersi Helipad: ₹ 5498
  • From Guptkashi Helipad: ₹ 7740

The above rate are per person and for round trip, as you will return back the same day and will also get a VIP darshan of Kedarnath Temple.

Helicopter ride till Kedarnath is now operated by IRCTC since 2013, and above rates can be changed by them.

And if you have chosen walking, then your stay today will be at Kedarnath Dham area, where you can book a dharamshala or GMVN Camp, available at around Rs 1000-2000 per person, per night.

Kedarnath Yatra Distance:

Its 16 km from Gaurikund which will take minimum 6 hours of good walking and its 21 km from Sonprayag, where extra 5 km can be covered by shared cab.

3. Darshan of Kedarnath & return journey

kedarnath temple uk

If on day 2, you have already had the darshan of Kedarnath Dham Temple, then visit the Shri Bhairavnath Temple (optional) and head back to Gaurikund;

And if not, then have the darshan of Baba Kedarnath and by maximum noon head back to Gaurikund.

The return journey is of 3-4 hours, and after reaching Gaurikund, again take the shared cab to Sonprayag and rest for the day at your hotel or guest house.

On the next day, Day 4, you can head back to your home or cities like Haridwar, Dehradun, etc., and en route can also visit:

  1. Ukhimath Omkareshwar Temple
  2. Triyuginarayan Temple, Rudraprayag
  3. Rivers Sangam, Rudraprayag

And with this, your 4 days 3 nights Kedarnath Dham Yatra will be completed.

4. Kedarnath map by road

View the Google Map directions from Haridwar > Guptkashi > Sonprayag.

  • Haridwar to Rishikesh: 27 km
  • Rishikesh to Devprayag: 72 km
  • Devprayag to Srinagar: 36 km
  • Srinagar to Rudraprayag: 32 km
  • Rudraprayag to Agastmuni: 18 km
  • Agastmuni to Guptkashi: 26 km
  • Guptkashi to Sonprayag: 30 km
  • Sonprayag to Gaurikund: 5 km

Note: The last point for a car or bus is Sonprayag. From here, you have to take a shared cab for 5 km till Gaurikund and then a 16 km trek to Kedarnath Dham Temple.

5. How to reach Kedarnath from Delhi?

kia carens

From Delhi, we suggest allocating a minimum of 5 days, with 6 being optimal. A suggested 5-day route map for the Kedarnath Dham journey from Delhi is as follows:

  • Day 1: Delhi to Sonprayag, with a night stay in Sonprayag. This will be a 12-13 hour drive, covering approximately 450 km.
  • Day 2: Begin the Kedarnath Dham Yatra and plan for a night stay at the Kedarnath base camp.
  • Day 3: Return to Sonprayag and take a day of rest.
  • Day 4: Visit Ukhimath, Rudraprayag, and reach Haridwar/Rishikesh for a night stay.
  • Day 5: Return to Delhi by noon or explore Haridwar & Rishikesh before reaching Delhi by night (a 4-hour drive).

Note: Some guests extend this to a 6-day Yatra by staying in Haridwar on day 1. Alternatively, some complete the Yatra in 4 days by returning to Delhi from Sonprayag on day 4.

You can plan for a minimum 4-day to a comfortable 6-day Yatra. To determine the taxi fare, please refer to our Kedarnath Tour Package from Delhi page.

6. How to reach Kedarnath from Haridwar?


By far, the most common starting point for the Kedarnath Dham Yatra is Haridwar, as it is accessible by train.

To embark on the journey from Haridwar to Kedarnath Dham, follow these steps:

  • Day 1: Arrive in Haridwar and take a day of rest.
  • Day 2: Travel from Haridwar to Sonprayag, and rest for the day.
  • Day 3: Begin the Kedarnath Dham Yatra, reach the base camp, have darshan, and rest for the day at the base camp of Kedarnath.
  • Day 4: Return to Sonprayag and rest for the day. On day 4, return to Haridwar to conclude your 4 days 3 nights Kedarnath Dham Yatra.

If you are interested in finding the best fare for Kedarnath Tour Packages from Haridwar, please feel free to call me at 9983010250.

FAQ on

Kedarnath Yatra Route

bus view

Q1: Are buses available from Delhi, Haridwar to Kedarnath?
Answer: Yes, regular Uttarakhand Government buses run from Haridwar to Sonprayag, Dehradun to Sonprayag, Rishikesh to Sonprayag, and a few more routes.

These buses are the cheapest options to reach Sonprayag, and their fare starts from ₹650 to ₹900 per person.

You can get these buses from Haridwar bus station, near the Railway Station, ISBT Rishikesh & ISBT Dehradun.


Q2: How can I reach Kedarnath by Helicopter?
AnswerFirst, you need to register your Yatra date for Kedarnath Dham.

With that registration number, visit

Here, choose your travel date, and if the ride is available, proceed to book your helicopter ticket.

Please note that a helicopter ride to the direct Kedarnath Base Camp is not available from Dehradun.

You first need to reach Guptkashi, Phata, or Sersi. All three sites are nearby, and the fares start from:

  • Guptkashi to Kedarnath: ₹7,740 per person for a round trip.
  • Phata to Kedarnath: ₹5,500 per person for a round trip.
  • Sersi to Kedarnath: ₹5,498 per person for a round trip.

Additionally, be prepared for high demand for helicopter rides.

As soon as the helicopter ticket booking opens, create an account and promptly book your ticket.

train journey

Q3: Can I reach Sonprayag by train?

Answer: Currently, the closest railway station to Sonprayag is Rishikesh Railway Station, which is a 208 km drive, taking around 7-8 hours.

You can reach Rishikesh by train and then hire a cab from Rishikesh to Sonprayag, which typically charges around Rs 4,500 to 6,000 for a one-way drop to Sonprayag.

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