Yes, there are waterfalls near Jaipur, even though, almost 100% of travelers believe that Rajasthan is a desert state, which isn’t true.

If you are a local, the below list will add more waterfall sites in Jaipur or near Jaipur, which you can visit and if you are a traveller visiting Jaipur or searching for waterfalls, then you won’t be disappointed as I have shared my trips to 8 different waterfalls in Jaipur which you can visit, especially in monsoon season, thats around August, September.

And believe me that you will be so much surprised like me when you come across some spectacular waterfalls near Jaipur.

One big advantage of visiting Jaipur at this time is that the air is very clear and there is freshness all around due to the rains, and you will see greenery everywhere. Forts like Amber fort, Jaigarh Fort etc will have an amazing background of green hills & they look so different & beautiful during monsoon. The bronze color of these forts and the greenery in the background can make the best photographic landscapes.

amber fort view jaipur

Amber fort monsoon view

So just checkout my list of 8 specular waterfalls in Jaipur that you can visit alone or by booking a cab from us in Jaipur.

1. Damoh Waterfall

damoh waterfall rajasthan


Damoh Waterfall is a 4-5 hour drive from Jaipur, near Mehandipur balaji temple, and this is a 300 feet tall waterfall near Jaipur, which is quite a popular place to visit in moon season.

When I reached this Damoh Waterfall, I simply was stunned to look at its beauty, as the region is full of lush forests & greenery. Water falls down from a height of 300 feet, like a single cascade of water and the wavy rock patterns through which the water falls down is very scenic. It is like a semi-circular hole into which the water falls down.

I saw tourists down at the bottom of the waterfall bathing in the pool. There are many rocks here so it can become slippery, so I would advise you to be careful when climbing the rocks.

I took my Innova and surprisingly the road leading up to the waterfall is good for SUVs or small cars. The entire place is perfectly suited for nature lovers.

damoh waterfall rajasthan


The waterfall is very close to Chambal river which flows at the Rajasthan Madhya Pradesh border. Damoh Waterfall is a natural waterfall and is perfect place if you want to do hiking or trekking in Rajasthan.

How to reach Damoh Waterfall

Plan a early morning trip, where you drive towards Jaipur Agra National Highway 21 and drive up to Mehandipur. You can halt here for some time and visit Mehandipur Balajij. Take the national highway and drive to Hindaun and then onwards to Karauli. You will have to drive on national highway 23 and reach Sirmathura. There is a fort here and the ruins are worth visiting. From here, you can take dusty off-roads to reach Damoh Waterfall.

Attractions near Damoh Waterfall

Along with the waterfall you can also visit Mahaveer Ji Temple, Dholpur Palace, Shergarh Fort and Machkund Temple. Mandrayal Fort and Hindaun Fort are also worth visiting on this trip. You can also cross over to Madhya Pradesh and visit Bateshwar Temples which are famous for their architecture and beautiful carving and sculptures.

2. Garwaji Waterfall

garwaji waterfall rj

Garwaji Waterfall

Garwaji Waterfall is 2-3-hour drive from Jaipur, near Alwar city. Plus, the best part about a trip to this waterfall is that you pass through Sariska National Park, famous for its tiger safari tour.

Garwaji Waterfall, is also called a Hidden Waterfall, as not many people know about this but the sight of Garwaji Waterfall is enough to excite you.

The falling waters that fall off the rocky cliffs into the pool below is a very scenic sight and the pool below the waterfall is perfect for bathing too.

If you go there some other time then you might not see that much water and the entire place is full of rocks and big boulders. You can actually climb these large rocks and reach the top of the waterfall if you are an expert climber.

NOTE: Kids will find it very difficult to tread on rocks and it is very slippery here.

How to reach Garwaji Waterfall

Leave for Alwar from Jaipur, and from Alwar it will take around 40 minutes in a cab to reach Garwaji Waterfall. There are many steps through which you can climb up to the temple.

Attractions near Garwaji Waterfall

There is a small temple of Hanumanji near the waterfall. Interestingly there are many langur monkeys at this place.

Plus you can visit Moosi Maharani ki Chhatri, Bala Quila Fort, Silisher Lake Palace, Alwar Museum, and also consider visiting Bhangarh Fort.

You can then drive to Neemrana Fort Palace and do zip lining at Neemrana Flying Fox.

3. Alewa Dham Waterfall

alewa dham waterfall rajasthan

Alewa Dham Waterfall

Situated near a famous tourist site (Chand Baori Stepwell),  Alewa Dham Waterfall is a popular waterfall site near Jaipur, which is very beautiful to look at.

Many locals can be seen here bathing in the pool waters below & the rocks nearby makes this site very comfortable for sitting and bathing. Monsoons are the best time to visit this waterfall & in other months this waterfall dry up. So visit this waterfall only during monsoon season.

There is a stream here where you can sit and have a cool dip in the fresh water of the stream & you will find so many people here and if you love privacy then you will not find it in monsoon season.

How to reach Alewa Dham Waterfall

Take a cab or car from Jaipur for leave for Jaipur Agra highway. Then from Sikandra (Rajasthan, not UP) take a left turn and drive towards Alwar route. Before Alwar tale a right cut from Goth which will take you to Alewa Dham Waterfall location.

Attractions near Alewa Dham Waterfall

Along with a trip to beautiful waterfall near Jaipur, you can also visit Chand Baori, Mehandipur Balaji temple, Sariska national park, Bhangarh fort etc.

4. Jagatpura Waterfall

kho nagoriyan waterfall rajasthan

Kho Nagoriyan Waterfall

Most waterfalls happen only during monsoons. Jagatpura waterfall is also called Kho Nagoriyan Waterfall and it is very close to Jaipur. In fact, this waterfall is in Jaipur itself. You can reach here in just under 40 minutes by cab. The waterfall is in Ghat ki Guni area and close to Kishan Mahal Garden.

How to reach Jagatpura Waterfall

From Jaipur, take the MI road and drive past Sisodia Rani Garden and onwards to Chandra Mahal Garden. Leave the road and take the turn that takes you to Kho Nagoriyan Police Station. You will have to walk from here up to the waterfall.

Attractions near Jagatpura Waterfall

Smriti Van is the most famous attraction near this waterfall. This wildlife park is full of gardens, ponds, waterfalls, trees, and walking tracks. In fact, all of Jaipur attractions are very close distance from this Jagatpura Waterfall.

5. Parashar Waterfall

Parasar waterfall jaipur

Parasar waterfall

Parashar Dham is a famous temple near Alwar. But the waterfall here is even more famous. The place is full of rocks, and it actually is so scenic, that it might look like a location for an adventure movie. There are many steps through which you can reach the temple. There are big boulders and jagged rocks everywhere you look. When the monsoon starts, it rains pretty heavily here and there are many waterfalls that you can see.

The waterfall near Parash Dham nevertheless is very scenic in itself. You can hire a cab from Jaipur and reach here in about 2 hours. But the waterfall is close to Alwar, and it will take less than 2 hours to arrive at the waterfall. The area is covered in forests and Sariska National Park is also very close to this waterfall. During monsoon rains, the entire region is covered in greenery. The views from the temple above are spectacular.

How to reach Parash Waterfall

Take a cab from Jaipur and you can drive on NH21 till Dausa. From Dausa, take the road to Bhangarh and then turn to the road that leads to Narayani Mata Mandir. Drive onwards and you will reach Parashar Dham. You can then climb the stairs and reach the waterfall.

Attractions near Parash Waterfall

Bhangarh Fort is the closest attraction near this waterfall. You can plan a day trip from Jaipur and visit Bhangarh Fort on your way to Parash Waterfall. Or you can visit Parash Waterfall and then visit Sariska National Park for a tiger safari. The most wonderful attraction near this waterfall is Abhaneri Stepwell also called Chand Baori.

6. Hathni Kund

hathni kund rajasthan

Hathni Kund Waterfall

Hathni Kund actually is a hiking trail near Jaipur. But during the three to four months of monsoon rains, the hills here overflow with plenty of river streams which eventually lead to waterfalls. If you want to trek near Jaipur, there is nothing more exciting than the Hathni Kund trek. The Aravalli hills here look awesome, especially during the monsoon rains. The hills are a mix of dense forests and craggy cliffs. When you look at the cliffs from close range, they look like a scene from a American Western movie.

Actually, Hathni Kund waterfall is kind of hidden and if you are a stranger, you will require a guide or GPS navigation in your mobile- to track down the waterfall. It is on the route to the famous Nahargarh Fort, which in itself is one of the best hiking destinations in Jaipur. You can plan a hiking trip to Nahargarh Fort and also stop by to visit the waterfall on the way.

The word ‘kund’ means a baori or a well, but actually, here there are very steep cliffs, that are almost vertical. The place can be full of hikers and during monsoons it can be pretty dangerous place. There is a great chance of you slipping on the rocks which are hidden in the dense forested trails. There is a old shiva temple near the kund.

The trail to this waterfall actually begins from Charan Mandir, which is a great place to view sunrise and sunsets. You can also view Jal Mahal from this vantage point. The height of the waterfall is pretty high, and you can also come here with your bathing suit if you want to have a dip in the pool of water below the falls.

How to reach Hathni Kund

As Hathni Kund is in Jaipur itself, you can start your day hiking to Nahargarh Fort. If you are taking a cab for Jaipur sightseeing, you can drive up to Charan Mandir and then follow a trekking trail up to Hathni Kund Waterfall.

Attractions near Hathni Kund

Man Sagar Lake and Jal Mahal are famous Jaipur attractions near Hathni Kund. You can plan a day’s outing from Jaipur to Nahargarh Fort and visit Hathni Kund also. You can spend around 1 hour at this waterfall and then visit other Jaipur attractions nearby like Gaitore ki Chhatriyan. You can then visit Kishan Bagh Sand Dunes. This is type of wildlife park which has plenty of birds, and rocky desert land with cactus and other plants that grow in the desert.

7. Marleshwar Mandir Waterfall

Maleshwar Mahadev temple waterfall

Maleshwar Mahadev temple waterfall

We hardly ever think of waterfalls when we mention Jaipur. But there is one place in Jaipur, where you can visit a waterfall near a famous temple. That place is none other than Maleshwar Dham Mandir. The waterfalls that I am speaking of are close to the temple. You can come here during the off-season when there are no rains, and see the panoramic beauty of this place. The entire place is situated in a hilly region near Jaipur. Maleshwar Mandir is very popular shiva temple, which is visited by lakhs of people.

How to reach Marleshwar Mandir Waterfall

The waterfall is just 15 minutes by car from Jaipur. Albert Hall Museum is an important tourist attraction coming on the way.

Attractions near Marleshwar Mandir waterfall

Albert Hall Museum, Jaipur Zoo is very close to each other. So, you can visit them both and then visit this waterfall.

8. Smriti Van Waterfall

smriti van waterfall

Smriti Van Waterfall

Although this is not a natural waterfall, it is nevertheless, one of the most beautiful. Smriti Van is a very big park and forested area in Jaipur, where you can visit artificially made waterfalls and ponds. You can come here with your kids too, and it is pretty safe place for them. There is abundant greenery here and there is a place called Jaldhara where you can see these waterfalls and ponds.

There are many flowering plants here. Kids can play in the water slides and even adults can join in the fun. The place is developed like a theme park where there are many exciting things like parking lots, cafes, walking paths, sitting areas etc. Smriti Van is easily accessible from anywhere in Jaipur. You can plan a day outing here and stay here till 4 hours.

This is a huge place where you can visit different areas of Smriti Van. You can visit the nursery, Maru Van, Champa Van, lotus pond, museum and many such themed parks inside.

How to reach Smriti Van

Smriti Van is just 7 km from Jaipur. You can come here in your car.

Attractions near Smriti Van

Patrika Gate, Birla Mandir, Jawahar Kala Kendra are all very close to Smriti Van.