Delhi to Jaisalmer trains, flights & road routes

Jaisalmer distance from Delhi is 785-825 km.

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Flights are the quickest means to reach Jaisalmer from Delhi, but if you are interested in taking the good old train journey, then you should board an express train.

And a road trip by car is even better, as you will pass through some beautiful sites coming on the way from Delhi to Jaisalmer.

So, there are 2 ways to reach Jaisalmer from Delhi and below we have shared details on Delhi to Jaisalmer trains, flights and best road routes for tourists right now to travel all the way from Delhi to Jaisalmer. Check them out.

Delhi to Jaisalmer Trains:

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Currently there are are 3  express trains between that run on the Delhi-Jaisalmer route. These are:

– 14646 Shalimar Express (Not the best one)
Train leave at 11 am from three stations of Delhi (Delhi, S Rohilla & Cantt) & reach Jaisalmer next day at 5:30 am.

– 15014 Ranikhet Express:
This train departs from Delhi railway station at 4.30 am and arrives in Jaisalmer at 10.00 pm the same day.

– 25014 Corbett Park Link Express:
This train departs from Delhi railway station at 4.30 am and arrives in Jaisalmer at 10.00 pm the same day.
Fare: Around Rs 475 sleeper, Rs 1280 3AC and Rs 1840 2AC.

Delhi to Jaisalmer flights:


There are no direct flights between Delhi and Jaisalmer. However, you can catch flights with 1 stop to go to Jaisalmer. These are:

– SpiceJet SG-3757
3:25 PM departure from Delhi & 4:40 pm arrival at Jaisalmer direct flight

– SpiceJet SG-123
10:30 am departure from Delhi and 12:00 noon arrival at Jaisalmer, direct flight

– Alliance Air 9I-635
10 am departure from Delhi Airport & 11:45 am arrival at Jaisalmer airport, direct.

Apart from these 3, there a few 1 stop flight you can check out. These are:

– SpiceJet SG-8169,SG-440 (8h 45m time)
7:20 AM from Delhi Airport, and reach Jaisalmer by 4:05 PM same day, with 1 stop at Mumbai for 4h 40m.

– SpiceJet SG-193,SG-3762 (13h 5m)
8:30 PM from Delhi Airport, and reach Jaisalmer by 9:30 AM next day, with 1 stop at Ahmedabad for 9h 50m.

Jaisalmer to Delhi flights:

There are currently 2 direct flight options from Jaisalmer to Delhi. These are”

– Alliance Air 9I-636
12:10 pm departure from Jaisalmer and arrive in Delhi by 1:55 pm.

– SpiceJet SG-3758
5:00 pm departure from Jaisalmer Airport and arrival at Delhi Airport by 6:35 pm

And for 1 stop flight I would suggest:

– SpiceJet SG-441,SG-8158 (7h 5m)
4:35 pm departure from Jaisalmer to Mumbai, then a 3h 20m layover and arrival at Delhi by 11:40 pm

Delhi to Jaisalmer road trip:

Now a road trip from Delhi to Jaisalmer is amazing. Not because we offer Delhi to Jaisalmer taxi package, but a road trip allows you to visit many stunning tourist sites of Rajasthan, which you normally don’t plan to visit.

Our suggest routes and the best on-routes sites from Delhi to Jaisalmer are:

Route 1: Delhi > Neemrana > Sikar > Nagaur > Phalodi > Jaisalmerneemrana fort rj

View this route on Google Maps > Click here

On this route, you will reach Jaisalmer from Delhi within 800 km (785 km) and can visit the below suggest sites are are on-route.

1. Neemrana Fort & Baori

Neemrana Fort Palace: This is a 15th century fort, which is now a luxury heritage hotel with gorgeous suites & restaurants . It’s cut out from a hill, & if you go in the night, you can see dazzling lights lit up the entire structure of the palace.

The fort is a favourite location of Bollywood movies, and many movie scenes have been shot here. Plus, do checkout the zipline tour over here.

Neemrana Baori: In Neemrana there is the magnificent ancient Neemrana baori. You will be amazed at the splendid symmetrical designs of these stepwell. Although it was used for water storage in ancient times, this is a popular tourist site today.

2. Sikar

Salasar Balaji Dham: This famous temple of Hanumanji is close to Sikar city & lakhs of devotees visit this temple daily. At the time of Hanuman Jayanti, there is a huge fair over here and good crowd on Tuesday.

Shri Khatu Shyamji Mandir: Its history goes back to Mahabharata times, & still this is one of the most visited temples of Rajasthan. Inside the complex, Shyam kund is where you will see the enshrined idol of Khatu Shyamji, & there is a garden too.

The prayer hall is where there are various illustrations and paintings from Hindu mythology.

3. Nagaur

Nagaur Fort: Also called Ahhichatragarh Fort, it’s one of the most well preserved forts in Rajasthan. Inside you will see many royal chambers, huge courtyards, fountains, gardens. Amazing jharokhas, floral designs, rich paintings, lattice-work, can be seen all around the fort.

Amar Singh Ki Chatriyan: These are memorials with beautiful chhatri designs and intricate sculpted stonework. The monuments here have domes also called chhatris, and many monuments like these are built in this place.

4. On-route sites:

Along with above suggest tourist attractions, you can also checkout:

  • Khichan Bird Sanctuary
  • Shree Baba Ramdev Temple
  • Pokhran Fort.

5. Places where you can stay along the route:

If you can planning a night stay on-route to Jaisalmer, then we would suggest Sikar cirt and Nagaur. As they have good hotel & guest house options.

6. Total distance

In this suggest route 1, total distance covered from Delhi to Jaisalmer city is 785 km.

Here from Delhi to Neemrana distance is 125 km and from Neemrana to Sikar: 180 km, Sikar to Nagaur: 150 km, and Nagaur to Jaisalmer: 325 km.

Route 2: Delhi > Rohtak > Mandawa > Bikaner > Phalodi > Jaisalmer.Mandawa Haveli RJ

View this route on Google Map> Click here

In this 2nd suggested route from Delhi, you will reach Jaisalmer in 15-16 hours with 1-2 meal stops, or add extra time by visiting some stunning sites such as:

1. Mandawa

Mandawa is famous for its Haveli’s (Mansions) and some spectacular ones are: Hanuman Prasad Goenka Haveli, Gulab Rai Ladia Haveli, The Harlalka Well, Bansidhar Newatia Haveli.

As you pass through Mandawa, you will see painted havelis, which make it the Open art gallery of Rajasthan. Even guesthouses, wells, temples are painted with rich colourful images like that of animals and birds, mythological themes, royalty and other religious motifs.

Shree Rani Sati Dadi Mandir: You must visit this temple in Jhunjhunu, and is one of the most famous temples in Rajasthan. You will see rare paintings, and many people visit this temple during religious festivals, and even daily, there are thousands of visitors who visit this temple.

2. Bikaner

Bikaner city is quite popular among tourists and here you can visit:

Junagarh Fort: No.1 tourist attraction of Bikaner is Junagarh Fort. It’s a very powerful fortress, and inside its colossal walls and bastions, you will see palaces like Badal Mahal, Chandra Mahal, Phool Mahal, and there is a museum called Prachina Museum with a huge collection of textiles, jewelry, manuscripts, and other antiquities.

Karni Mata Temple: Famous for its rats, Karni Mata Temple is where you will find rats feeding on milk and treats, and running along the entire temple premises. It’s lucky to see a white rat and even if the rats run across your feet don’t be afraid. The rats are considered holy and people come to this temple to pray to the Goddess Karni Mata and the rates are believed to be her sons.

3. More on route sites

Salasar Balaji Dham, Khichan Bird Sanctuary, & Baba Ramdev Temple

4. Places where you can stay along the route

Mandawa & Bikaner city has good hotel & guest house options.

5. Total distance covered

800 km hwere Delhi to Rohtak is 66 km, Rohtak to Mandawa is 195 km, Mandawa to Bikaner is 195 km, Bikaner to Phalodi: 165 km and Phalodi to Jaisalmer: 165 km

Route 3: Delhi > Neemrana > Mandawa > Nagaur > Jodhpur > Jaisalmer

Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur

View this route on Google Maps> Click here

This is a bit longer route, and best for travellers who are planning a night stay (Jodhpur is perfect for that). On this route can plan to visit sites like:

1. Neemrana, Mandawa & Nagaur.

Neemrana: In Neemrana, visit the Neemrana Fort Palace & the stepwell, Mandawa: The colourful haveli’s of Mandawa & temples. (names mentioned on route 2 above) and Nagaur: Visit monuments like Nagaur Fort.

2. Jodhpur

Mehrangarh Fort: Towering high, Mehrangarh Fort can be seen from anywhere in Jodhpur. It’s a massive fort and was attached many times, and you can even see cannonball marks on its huge walls. Inside there are superb royal chambers with splendid architecture.

Jaswant Thada: The white marble monument built in memory of a Jodhpur king is one of the most splendid site in Jodhpur. Elegant carvings, sculptures and beautiful architecture of this monument is a really photogenic sight.

Umaid Bhawan Palace: You will feel like visiting some Roman castle as you enter this fabulous tourist attraction in Jodhpur. It’s a classic monument and the world’s finest hotels. Inside there is a museum with a large display of royal antique pieces used by the royalty.

3. More on route sites:

Mandore Gardens, Shree Baba Ramdev Temple

4. Total distance:

Total 900 km, and distance from one city to anther is: Delhi to Neemrana: 126 km, Neemrana to Mandawa: 162 km, Mandawa to Nagaur: 185 km, Nagaur to Jodhpur: 142 km, Jodhpur to Jaisalmer: 283 km

Route 4 – Route: Delhi > Neemrana > Amer (not Jaipur) > Ajmer > Jodhpur (via Beawar) > Dechu > Pokhran > Ramdevra > Jaisalmer

Ajmer Dargah

Ajmer Dargah

View this route on Google Map> Click here

This is also a 900 km Delhi to Jaisalmer route, where you can plan a night stay in Ajmer or Jodhpur. On this road route from Delhi to Jasialmer, you can visit:

1. Neemrana (Fort & Palace, details mentioned above)

2. Amer (Jaipur)

Amer Fort: Famous as Amber Palace too, Amer Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Amer. It’s a massive fort, made of red sandstone, and inside there are several impressive palaces like Sheesh Mahal, richly painted gates like Suraj Pol, huge courtyards like Jaleb Chowk, besides, spectacular gardens, and many other structures.

Jal Mahal: ‘Jal’ means water, and Jal Mahal is a ‘Water Palace’ in the middle of Man Sagar Lake near Amer. You cannot enter this palace, but view it from a distance. Jal Mahal is a wonderful sight in itself, as you can see the spectacular top floor above the water, but not the four floors which are under water. Birds fly over this lake, and wade on the surface, making it a top tourist attraction.

3. Ajmer

Ajmer Sharif Dargah: This is the shrine of the famous Sufi saint Khwaja Muin-ud-din Chishti. Lakhs of devotees from all regions across India come to this shrine every day, and it’s a major centre of pilgrimage for Muslims in India.

Its marble monuments were built by powerful kings it’s not a place to be missed if you like to visit religious places in India.

Adhai Din ka Jhonpra: This fabulous monument is the oldest mosque in Ajmer, and a major tourist attraction of Ajmer. It has calligraphic inscriptions engraved on stone, and part of the mosque is still used for worship.

On the pillars, you can see centuries old carvings of Hindu gods, which were engraved when it used to be a Sanskrit university.

4. Jodhpur

Popular sites in Jodhpur are Mehrangarh Fort, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Mandore Gardens, Jaswant Thada, & Click tower market.

5. Dechu

Dechu is a small village which falls on this route, and you can see many step-wells and sand dunes. There are many luxury resorts and hotels in Dechu like Samsara Desert Camp & Resort & Manvar Desert Camp & Resort.

6. On-route sites

Hawa Mahal, Chomu Palace, Kishangarh Fort, Shree Baba Ramdev Temple & the best place where you can stay along the route is Ajmer & Jodhpur.

7. Total distance: 894 km

From Delhi to Neemrana: 126 km, Neemrana to Amer: 133 km, Amer to Ajmer: 150 km, Ajmer to Jodhpur: 202 km, Jodhpur to Dechu: 124 km, Dechu to Jaisalmer: 161 km

Delhi to Jaisalmer Bus:

bus at bus stop

There are hardly any buses that go from Delhi to Jaisalmer. State-owned buses are not there at all, and if you want a private bus, then we would suggest to first arrive at Jaipur (Sindhi Camp bus stop), and then from here you can get the state transport bus from Jaipur to Jaisalmer.

And if you need private bus rental in Jaipur, then contact us at +91 9983010250 or 9928399846 to hire a private bus to visit Jaisalmer from Jaipur.

Best highway to reach Jaisalmer from Delhi:

highway view

Cars and buses generally prefer going by highways from Delhi to Jaisalmer route. The most preferred highways are:

  • NH 48, from Delhi to Ajmer
  • NH 58, from Ajmer to Bewar
  • NH 25-65A-25, from Bewar to Jodhpur
  • NH 125-11, from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer

This route is around 75-85 km long but has the best roads available in while Rajasthan. Search them on the Google Maps at this link.

Which is the best route for travel minded people?

If you are interested to visit some amazing sites on route to Delhi Jaisalmer then pick, the Route No.2 which is:

  • Delhi > Rohtak > Mandawa > Bikaner > Jaisalmer

Here you can plan a night stay at Bikaner, which is 485 km from Delhi, and from here Jaisalmer is 330 km away.

Best time to visit Jaisalmer from Delhi:

Khuri sand dune Jaisalmer rj

Khuri sand dune Jaisalmer

Winter season (November to March) is best to visit Jaisalmer from Delhi. You will be able to visit tourist spots without the scorching heat of the sun, and will enjoy the weather most during camel rides or desert safaris in the Thar Desert.

Weather of Jaisalmer from August to March:

August to March is the start of the winter season. You will not feel the sun’s scorching heat during this period while sightseeing and road travel. Days are cooler and convenient for travel and outdoor activities. Nights are cooler, particularly during December and January.