Know all about Sam sand dunes & other Jaisalmer sand dunes

Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer

Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is India’s best desert holiday destination, where along with a sightseeing tour of Jaisalmer city, travellers loves to visit the desert area of “Sam Sand Dunes”

There are a total of 3 popular sand dune area in Jaisalmer which are:

  1. Sam sand dunes
  2. Khuri sand dunes
  3. Lodhruva sand dunes

Here Sam Sand Dunes is quite popular among travellers, as this area of 3-5 km has pure sand with no plants, along with desert camps, camels & jeeps for Jaisalmer desert safari tours and a spot which is now called as Sam sunset point.

In this post on Jaisalmer sand dunes, we have below shared all details on Sam Sand Dunes & other 2 dune area along with what all activities you can plan here & best options to reach here from Jaisalmer city.

1. Sam Sand Dunes

Sam sand dunes Jaisalmer rj

Sam sand dunes Jaisalmer

Sam or Sam sand dunes is by far Rajasthan number 1 desert dune region, which is visited by more than a million travellers every year.

The total area of these dunes is in a radius of 3 to 5 km, with a dune height ranges between 30 to 60 meter, which keeps on changing every day as sands constantly give new shape to this stunning desert landscape.

To walk on these dunes & roll down on them gives an immense pleasure, and watching the sunsets here is just like witnessing the great work of god.

rolling at sam sand dunes jaisalmer

If you just check the hashtag #samsanddunes on Twitter & Instagram, you will get daily new images of Sam everyday, which is a living proof of the point we have shared above on Sam sand dunes.

Activities in Sam Sand Dunes:

So once you have reached Sam sand dunes, you can enjoy a variety of thrilling and cultural activities, whose details we have mentioned below.

Most of these activities are paid, but you can always sit on the sands for some time, watching the sands flow with the wind, & witness the magical sunsets which casts an orange hue to the entire region in the evening, all for free.

And the activities in Sam sand dunes that are paid:

1. Camel Safari at Sam Jaisalmer

Sam Sand Dunes Camel Safari RJ

Camel Safari at dunes

There are like 1000’s of camels in whole Sam area & riding on a camel’s back is the most exciting activity to do here.

It’s such a thrilling thing, that every tourist wants to go on a camel safari, deep into the dunes. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience & a must-do activity at Sam sand dunes.

Best time for camel safari:

More than 80% of travellers prefer evening camel safari which is best enjoyed between 5 to 7 pm. Though some guests prefer morning camel safari at Sam, which is around 4:30 to 6 am, or as we locals say “The Sunrise camel safari”

If you are interested to enjoy a camel safari in Jaisalmer, then checkout our Jaisalmer Camel Safari tours, starting for as low as Rs 500 per person.

Plus you can also plan a 2-3 hour Rajasthani dance & musical program after camel dune ride at one of many desert camps in Sam sand dunes. We have share more details on this point below.

2. Jeep Safari at Sam sand dune Jaisalmer

Jeep safari at Jaisalmer rj

Jeep safari at Sam Jaisalmer

A Jeep safari gives you a thrill, as here you ride in a jeep that goes up the top of the dunes & rolls down the troughs of the rolling sand dunes at high speed.

The speed is enough to make you feel the rush of excitement pass through your body as you ascend and descend the wave-like sand dunes.

You will have to grab your seats real hard, & the wind in your face, as you drive fast on the sand dunes is a thing to be enjoyed only in Sam Sand Dunes.

Check out our Jeep safari in Jaisalmer tours for more details.

3, Sam Sunset Point at Sam sand dune Jaisalmer

sunset point at sam jaisalmer rj

Sunset point at Sam

Though you can enjoy the sunsets from everywhere in Sam Sand Dunes, but the Sam Sunset Point is the best place specially made for watching sunsets.

Arm yourself with a DSLR, & you will be able to capture the magic of sunsets in all its glorious details.

The landscape around is enough to make you ponder on the wonders of nature, and you can sit here for hours on end.

It’s the best place for selfies too, & your smartphone will give you your best shots with a stunning sun setting in the background.

4. Desert Camping at Sam sand dune Jaisalmer

Desert camping at Sam Jaisalmer rj

Desert camping at Sam

In Sam Sand Dunes, there are luxury camps, where you can stay overnight and enjoy the desert even more.

These camps or luxury tents are equipped with attached bathrooms and toilets, comfortable beds, wooden furniture, verandahs and are fully air-conditioned.

In the evenings, these camps organize musical dance by Rajasthan tribal artists. There is buffet dinner around a campfire and breakfast in the mornings.

Every tourist who visits Jaisalmer must plan a visit to Sam Sand Dunes and enjoy Rajasthani hospitality at its most supreme.

Some of the famous desert camps in Sam Sand Dunes are Rajputana Desert Camp, Dangri Desert Camp, Winds Desert Camp and many others.

Distance from Jaisalmer:

From Jaisalmer, drive for a distance of 45 km westwards, and you will reach Sam sand dunes.

What to see at Sam Sand Dunes?

Golden coloured sand dunes & stunning sunsets from Sam Sunset Point are the most exciting things to see at Sam.

Apart from these, there are many tourist activities that you can enjoy like:

How to reach Sam sand dunes?

You can book our Jaisalmer to Sam taxi to hire a taxi to reach Jaisalmer. From Jaisalmer, Sam is just 45 km & 45 to 60 minute drive away.

Feel free to call our manager Mr Singh at +91 9928399846 for more details.

Any entry fees for Sam sand dune?

There are no entry fees to come to Sam sand dunes.

However, once you here, you will have to pay for camel rides, jeep rides, camping, food or any other activity.

Best time to visit Sam sand dunes:

Evenings around 4 pm is the best time to come to Sam sand dunes. After arriving, you can straight away go for camel rides from 5 to 7 in the evenings.

Then you can go to your desert camps and enjoy a night stay from 8 pm onwards with some music and dinner.

Nearby places to visit from Sam sand dunes:

Kuldhara village Jaisalmer rj

Kuldhara village

Near Sam sand dunes, there are some interesting places you can visit such as Kuldhara and Khabha Fort.

1. Kuldhara:

Kuldhara is an abandoned village that’s become famous as a ghost town. It’s completely isolated and you will not see a single villager in this village.

The inhabitants of this village are believed to have cursed this village and fled suddenly in the middle of a night due to the atrocities of the ruler of Jaisalmer.

Everywhere you will see empty barren houses, almost in ruins, and it’s this eerie feeling that still attracts thousands of tourists to visit Kuldhara.

2. Khabha Fort:

Khabha Fort might be in ruins, but it still is the top attraction that you must see near Sam Sand Dunes.

This fort became deserted when the residents, (Paliwal Brahmins), suddenly left the fort, & no one knows for what reasons.

You will also see farmers grazing their cattle, village women carrying pots of water on their heads around the fort, & peacocks roaming on the desert sands.

There is a geological museum inside the fort, with relics and ancient artefacts.

2. Khuri Sand Dunes

Khuri sand dune Jaisalmer rj

Khuri sand dune Jaisalmer

Khuri is a small town where you can stay in traditional houses made of clay, dung, and thatched roofs and our 3rd site in this list of top sand dunes in Jaisalmer.

It’s quite an unusual experience to stay in these houses, & the village folk here have carefully maintained the rugged and rustic surroundings to help you have an authentic Rajasthani feel to your stay.

You will have to walk just 10-15 minutes from Khuri town to come to these houses & the best thing about Khuri sand dunes is that it’s less crowded than Sam sand dunes, and the sand dunes here are equally magnificent as those of Sam sand dunes and almost the same size.

Activities to enjoy at Khuri:

Khuri Sand Dunes is not as commercialized as Sam Sand Dunes. Here, the charm of a simple village life is all around for you to see and feel.

You’ll see simple villagers going about in their daily routine, grazing cattle, riding camels, entertaining you with their unique musical styles & more eye-catching sights. At Khuri, you can enjoy:

1. Walking trips:

You can go on walking trips from Khuri town up to Khuri sand dunes Jaisalmer.

A walk will be a treat here, as you watch cactus vegetation & pass through traditionally built houses. only seen here.

2. Camel Safari at Khuri sand dune:

camel safari at khuri sand dune rj

Camel safari at Khuri

A camel safari is also a great thing to do in Khuri sand dunes. It gives you the chance to see the true beauty of the desert and the natural vegetation that grows here in this arid desert region.

3. Rajasthani Folk Songs at Khuri:

Music at khuri rj

Music at Khuri, Jaisalmer

Listening to traditional Rajasthani folk music and watching the musicians sing will be a unique experience of visiting Khuri.

4. Evening Dinner at Khuri:

A visit to Khuri sand dunes will give you the rare opportunity to mingle with the villagers & locals over a nice dinner.

5. Spotting Wildlife at Khuri:

Khuri is where you can see natural beauty in its wildlife.

If you are a birdwatcher, you can spot birds like peacocks, cranes, & even dung beetles carrying mounds of sand, scampering to hide them beneath the sands.

Distance from Jaisalmer:

Khuri sand dunes at Jasialmer are located 50 km to the southwest of Jaisalmer. You can also book our Jaisalmer to Khuri taxi to plan a trip to Khuri with us.

3. Lodhruva Sand Dunes

Lodhruva Amar sagar Jain temple

Lodhruva Jain Temple

Lodhruva is a village situated just 5.5 km from Jaisalmer & the closest place you can go from Jaisalmer to see the sand dunes.

The sand dunes here are quite small in comparison to other dunes & the main attractions here is:

> Amar Sagar Jain Temple

Amar Sagar Jain Temple is in the middle of Lodhruva village & a favourite tourist spot for travellers visiting Jaisalmer.

The arched gateways, delicately carved jaali, carved pillars, & sculptures of gods will amaze you beyond anything else.

You can visit this temple on route to 2nd Sand dune area which we have suggested below “Sam Sand Dune”

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