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The complete story of Govind Dev Ji Temple In Jaipur

The GovindDev Ji Temple is a very famous place that is very important, spiritual and religious destination for Hindus, especially for the devotees of Shree Krishna. The temple is surrounded by many gardens in which there are few beautiful chandeliers (which came from Europe) and many paintings of Indian art.

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A post by our guest on his trip to a Jaipur city

I always look for places that provide me with a memory that lasts forever. Sometimes a grand hotel fails to provide the same thing that a tiny roadside inn can do. That is why for me a perfect destination is all about happiness and once in a lifetime moment. After traveling for the last few years all over the country, I found myself in the Pink city, Jaipur and believe me it’s gorgeous.

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Jaipur travel guide & distance of major destinations from Airport & Railway

Jaipur is a 300 year old city and today is one of the top 5 holiday destinations in India. Below we have prepared a list of popular tourist destinations and their distance from Jaipur Railway Station & Jaipur Airport.

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