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There are more than 2 dozens Water sports activities in Goa to enjoy, and below we have shared s list of them along with fare & location. So have a look at them and feel free to call me (Rishi Singh) for more details at below contact number.

Available Water Sports in Goa:

sucba diving in goa from rajputana cabs

1. Scuba Diving

Enjoy a breathtaking underwater experience, see the coral reefs, marine life, colorful fish, and you might even see a shipwreck in clear crystal ocean water in Goa, with our tour of Scuba Diving in Goa.

Fare: Rs 9,99 to 1,999 for 1
Location: Malvan, Grande Island.

snorkeling in Goa fro rajputana cabs

2. Snorkeling

Explore the mesmerizing underwater world with our Snorkeling tour in Goa, where you will dive in water and see coral reefs, colorful fish, along with an experienced guide. Our fare for Snorkeling in Goa starts from

Fare: Rs 1,000 to 2,000 for 1.
Location: Grande Island & Palolem Beach.

flyboarding in goa from rajputana cabs

3. Flyboarding

In our Flyboarding tour in Goa, you will try a flyboard along with a certified trainer & with proper safety gear for a 15-30 minute session and balance your body as you are going to fly with a jet engine attached with your feet. an incredible sensation

Fare: Rs 1,500 to 3,000 for 1.
Location: Baga, Anjuna & Calangute beach

kayaking in goa from rajputana cabs

4. Kayaking

Have fun kayaking in Goa where you will first reach our tour location at Bambolim Beach, Sal Backwaters, Zuari & Chapora river. And will see Goa’s beautiful nature while a kayaking tour. Fare starts from:

Fare: Rs 500 to 1,500 for 1.
Location: Sal, Zuari & Chapora river

parasailing in Goa from rajputana cabs

5. Parasailing

Be read to be attached to a parachute & then pulled by a boat, and see the panoramic view of ocean with our Parasailing tour in Goa. You can book a Parasailing tour from us at:

Fare: Rs 750 to 1,500 for 1.
Location: Baga, Calangute & Anjuna beach

banana boat ride in goa from rajputana cabs

6. Banana Boat Ride

Sit on a boat, shape like a banana, tied with a motor boat, and enjoy the ride at all major beaches in Goa. A maximum of 4 guests, along with proper safety gear, and its fare starts from:

Fare: Rs 250 to 500 for 1.
Location: Baga, Calangute & Anjuna beach

jet ski with rajputana cabs goa

7. Jet Ski

Ride a Jet Ski (A water bike) on the sea, and do hold yourself as it can be really fast and you can enjoy it with us at Calangute & Anjuna beach, at below suggested fare.

Fare: Rs 500 to 900 for 1.
Location: Calangute & Anjuna beach

kitesurfing in goa from rajputana cabs

8. Kite Surfing

Kite Surfing is a more expert lever water sport in Goa where you ride the waves along with paragliding. Its available in Goa at selected beaches and its fare starts from:

Fare: Rs 2,500-3,000 for 1.
Location: Morjim, Ashwem, & Palolem beach

bumper ride in goa from rajputana cabs

9. Bumper Ride

Sit in a large circular rubber tube and be pulled by a speed boat in ocean, with our tour of Bumper ride in Goa, organized at Baga Beach, and its fare for 1 starts from:

Fare: Rs 250-300 for 1.
Location: Baga beach

cruise tour in goa from rajputana cabs

10. Cruise Tour

Enjoy a dinner cruise or a cruise party in Goa. In our dinner cruise, you will enjoy an 1 hour tour in Mandovi River, a perfect tour of couples, and then we have Boat Party Cruise, Sunset Cruise, Night Cruise to choose from.

Fare: Rs 1,500 for 1.
Location: Panaji

dolphin trip in goa from rajputana cabs

11. Dolphin Trip

This is our 45 minute to 1 hour tour where you will first get in a boat near Sinquerim Beach, and then with a team of expert lifeguards enjoy a Dolphin Safari tour.

Fare: Rs 300 for 1.
Location: North Goa, Anjuma Beach

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Faq on Water Sports in Goa, activities & tours:

Q1: Which water sport is most famous in Goa?

Ans: Apart from activities like Banana Boat ride, Kayaking, Jet Ski which are popular water sports activities in Goa, the demand for scuba diving exceeds all other sports. You can enjoy  scuba diving in Malvan starting at Rs 1,000 per person.

Q2: At which beach I can enjoy all the water sports in Goa?

Ans: Its almost impossible to enjoy all the water sports activities at one single beach, because of new activities being added in Goa every year. But you can definitely enjoy all the activities, or most of them in North Goa beaches like Candolim, Baga, Sinquerim, Colva, Nerul, Dona Paula and also at beaches like Palolem Beach in South Goa.

Q3: What is the cost of Water Ski for 1 person and on which beach its organized?

Ans: Water Ski cost for 1 is Rs 500 to 1500 per person, and the fare is as per time duration. And the best place to enjoy water ski in Goa is Calangute & Anjuna beach, North Goa.

Q4: Are water games open whole year in Goa?

Ans: While some water sports in Goa remain operational throughout the year, but from June to August, during the monsoon season, the majority of water activities are not available.

The peak tourist season in Goa is between November and February, with September to November are considered as tourist arrivals months. So, these months offer the best conditions for water sports activities in Goa.

Q5: Which are the 5 best water sports in Goa, and can I enjoy them in 1 day?

Ans: The 5 best water sports in Goa are Scuba diving, Jet Ski, Banana boat ride with a speed boat, flyboarding or parasailing and a cruise tour. Kayaking is also getting popular in Goa, so do consider this too.


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About Water Sports in Goa:

Water Sports is the main attraction in Goa as you can easily find good beaches in Kerala, Karnataka etc. There are more than a dozen water sports available in Goa and top ones list with rates are mentioned above. But to enjoy them all you need to contact a travel agency that can arrange all the tours for you, along with transportation from your hotel to all the sites where these tours are organized, mostly in North Goa, and in Malvan Maharashtra.

Below we have shared a few more info on water sports in Goa, and if you want to make a prior booking at best rates then call our manager Rishi Singh at 7851988513.

BAGA BEACH: Of all the beaches in Goa, Baga beach has the most water sports activities. This beach is in North Goa and here you can enjoy Bumper ride, Jet Ski, Banana boat ride, parasailing, and also professional activities like Wakeboarding, Windsurfing, Kite surfing. And just next to Baga beach, you can also visit Calangute and Anjuna beach. All these 3 are rated as the best beaches in north Goa.

CALANGUTE BEACH: Calangute Beach, just next to Baga Beach is also a perfect spot yo enjoy water sports activities. Apart from above mentioned activities, Calangute Beach is famous for Speed boat rides. Kayaking, River rafting, Dinner cruises, and also for local shopping.

PALOLEM BEACH: Palolem Beach in South Goa is also a gem where you can plan a half day trip and enjoy activities like Canyoning, Canyoning and also visit the famous Dudhsagar Falls. Plus if you like to swim in a calm ocean, this Palolem Beach is your best choice.