Elephant ride in Jaipur

At Amber fort & Hathi Gaon

Elephant ride in Jaipur Amber fort:

Here you need to arrive at Amber fort, get book on spot ride of elephant from 7 am to 11 am which will cost Rs 500, and its around 1 km till thge Amber fort main entrance.

Apart from this you can enjoy Elephant safari in Jaipur that takes place in “Elephant Village” (Hathi Gaon) and thats more of an safari tour. Details shared below. 

Elephant ride at Jaipur Hathi Gaon:

Hathi Gaon is a forest department protected area where locals have made private sanctuaries of around 30-40 elephants just 15 minute drive from Amber Fort.

Here you will not only get a elephant ride from their farms and even a man made pond, but also enjoy activities like:

  • Feeding elephants
  • Communicate with elephants
  • Get a trunk shower
  • Walk with them. &
  • Make drawings on them

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Elephant ride image gallery from Jaipur:



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Humanitarian message:

Though every one loves to get an elephant ride in Jaipur, which is mostly conducted at Amber from and the  at Hathi Gaon from 12 noon to 5 pm, complaints have been received of animal cruelty from travellers. Thus if you find that any animal is being beaten up or getting harsh behavior, please call the police immediately.

Plus elephant safari tours also suggest guests ot walk the the gaint animal, rather than sit on them and thats an amazing experience too.