The best cab cars in Jaipur

Jaipur is a famous tourist city and we as a cab company has entertained more than 10,000 travellers in exploring Jaipur. But this post isn’t about the beauty if my city, though it is beautiful but its about the 5 cab vehicles which one must buy if they are planning to start a Radio taxi firm in Jaipur. So lets start. But before that always go for diesel care as there per kilo meter average is way better than petrol cars.

At number 1: Maruti Swift

There is no doubt that a cab company who has been running his business for more than 3-4 years dosen’t have a Maruti Swift. This car has been on the road since 2000 but in India it came by 2002 or 2003. Swift is one of the most seen cars in Jaipur and in India. It has the capacity of 5 pax, though I prefer to accommodate 4 passengers and it has been my number 1 choice for families. If you are planning to add this in your cab collection than do add accessories like parking censors, automatic car lock along with a manual gear lock (simple & effective) and comfortable seat cover. Average kilometre charge in Jaipur of Maruti Swift is around 8 to 10 INR per kilometre.

At number 2: Suzuki Dzire

When you talk about accommodating minimum 5 passengers for city tours than you need to have Suzuki Dzire. Suzuki Dzire was launched in 2008 and it has been number 1 choice of many cab companies here in Jaipur. Even we have 4 and the best thing about this car is its mileage, sustainability and power. You can easily grab Suzuki Dzire and go for the complete Rajasthan trip.

At number 3: Tata Indigo CS

Tata Indigo CS is a Indian made and a very popular sedan. Tata is a name which is visible in every Indian state and many cab companies start their firm with cars like Tata Indica, Tata Indigo etc. Tata cars are specially made for cab companies though they don’t promote if like that. For long tours like Jaipur to Jodhpur Indigo is the most cheapest & safe option. Tata has also launched an better version of Indigo name “Manza” but thats a bit expensive for budget segment cab companies.

At number 4: Toyota Innova

If I am not wrong 5 out of 10 Toyota Innova are cab. This vehicle is the best option for small groups & corporates as it can easily accommodate 7-8 passengers including driver. We usually charge 10-12 Kms fo Innova and consider it as the best & the safer option for long trips. Innova is very popular with travellers coming from south east Asia to Jaipur as Innova is a big hit in Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan etc.

At number 5: Tempo Traveller

Tempo Traveller

Tempo Traveller

Ok I won’t suggest a new cab firm to add Tempo traveller in the starting phase as they are costly and require good amount of care & service. But if you are a old company that a Tempo traveller is an attraction and brings you in a special category as many cab companies don’t have these. But you can’t than contact firms like us for this if you have any requirement.

Well these are the 5 top cabs which are on Jaipur road. If you are new than go with cars like swift, Indica etc and if you are planning to expand than add cabs like Innova, Tempo etc are perfect. It all depends upon your client base and re-visit numbers. Hope my article is useful.

Chaturbhuj Singh
Rajputana Cabs.