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Jaisalmer Jeep safari tours from Rajputana Cabs® Jaisalmer

Enjoy a 30-60 minute of desert jeep ride in our Mahindra Thar jeeps at the dunes of Sam, starting at ₹ 450 per person & ₹ 2000 for whole jeep (6 seater) with our Jaisalmer Jeep Safari tours.

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Our Jaisalmer Jeep safari tours

We offer Jeep Safari at Jaisalmer, starting from our desert camp (Rajputana Desert Camp) or also pick from Jaisalmer city, as per guest preference and later offer musical & dance program with buffet dinner at our camp. Available Jeep Safari tours are:

  • One hour Jeep safari tour
  • Jeep Safari with dinner & dance
  • Jeep Safari with dinner, dance & transportation
  • Jeep safari with overnight camp stay
  • Jeep safari with overnight camp stay & transfers

View details of all these tours below, along with their fare, inclusions & related services like camel safari, dune basing, city sightseeing & feel free call us anytime at:

Our Jaisalmer Jeep safari tours

Plan & enjoy a Jeep safari at the sand dunes of Sam (45 km from Jaisalmer city), visit the sunset point of Sam and by night, & then enjoy a musical dance program at our camp with buffet dinner.

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One hour Jeep safari tour

Package 1

Enjoy 30-60 minutes Jeep Safari ride starting from our desert camp (Rajputana Desert Camp), at an all inclusive fare mentioned below.

fare: Rs 400 person

winds desert camp jaisalmer rj

Jeep safari with buffet dinner & dance

Package 2

Enjoy a half day tour of Jeep Safari at Sam sand dunes with Musical dance progra,. buffet dinner, evening tea and all of this at our desert camp in Sam Jaisalmer.

fare: Rs 1000 person

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Jeep safari with dinner, dance & transfer

Package 3

This is an 8 hour tour, which starts by 3-4 pm from your pick up in Jaisalmer city, then jeep safari tour, musical program at camp, evening tea, Buffet dinner and drop back to Jaisalmer city by 10-11 pm

fare: Rs 1200 person

Rajputana Desert Camp

Jeep safari with overnight camp stay

Package 4

This is a “camp night stay” tour with Jeep safari, where you will have a:

  • Camp or Cottage confirm booking
  • Buffet dinner & breakfast
  • Evening tea snacks
  • And all safari activities

fare: Rs 1750 person

sam jaisalmer highway road rj

Jeep safari with overnight camp stay

Package 5

This is an all inclusive Jeep safari & camp stay package, including pick & drop from Jaisalmer city. The tour inclusins are

  • Cab pick & drop from city
  • Jeep safari & camel safari tour
  • Musical dance program
  • Buffet dinner
  • Camp booking &
  • Morning breakfast.

fare: Rs 2000 person

For more details on our Jeep Safari tours, or to plan a corporate tours, feel free to contact us at below details:

Apart from our Jaisalmer office, you can also meet is at our Jaipur & Delhi office. Office address mention at our contact us page.

Please note: The above rates will be minimum 20% higher on Diwali week and from 23rd December to 2nd January. Plus the best time to plan these safari tours is from 4 to 7 pm or at morning before breakfast.

Plus never come with full belly for safari tour. And do checkout our Quad bike safari and Toyota Fortuner safari tour details, shared below.

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To book or to get group discount for our Jeep safari tour, contact  our manager Mr Pratap Singh at:

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More related tours:

Apart from Jeep safari, we offer Camel safari, Dune bashing & Jaisalmer city sightseeing & day trips.

jaisalmer camel safari

Jaisalmer camel safari

Package 6

In our camel safari tour, the starting point is our camp, then leave for a camel safari ride at sand dunes, also visit Sam sunset point and come back in an hour.


  • Rs 400 per person
Quad Bike dune bashing

Dune bashing Jaisalmer

Package 7

In our dune bashing tour, we provide 4×4 jeeps, quad bikes, couple dune bashing tour etc & later add evening relaxation muscal dance show with dinner.


  • Rs 500-2250 per person
toyota fortuner raputana cabs

Toyota Fortuner desert safari

Package 8

Book our luxury jeep safari tour in Jaisalmer with our toyota Fortuner car available from pick up from city to dune bashing at Sam san dunes at:

fare per day:

  • Rs 1500 per person
  • Rs 7500 whole car
crysta car rajputana cabs

Jaisalmer City Tour

Package 9

Hire our taxi in Jaisalmer city and enjoy a guided Jaisalmer city sightseeing. Check the list of all the tourist places in Jaisalmer at this link and fare for these tours are:

fare per day:

  • Rs 1600 per day sedan
  • Rs 2500 for Innova
  • Rs 3500 for crysta
longewala post jaisalmer rj

Longewala & Tanot Mata day tour

Package 10

Plan a day tour of Longewala Post & Tanot Mata Temple after yout desert stay where we leave after breakfast and return back to camp or city by late evening. fare starts from:


  • Rs 2,500 for sedan cab
  • Rs 3,000 to 4,000 for SUV
rao jodha statue jodhpur rj

Jodhpur Sightseeing Package

Package 11

Jodhpur is 4-5 hour drive from Jaisalmer & you can plan 1 day same day trip or next day teturn trip, and explore its amazing sites liek Umaid Bhawan,. Mehrangarh Fort & more.


  • Rs 6,000 for sedan car
  • Rs 8,000 to 12,000 for SUV

About the desert dune area of Jaisalmer:

Know more about Sam Sand Dunes and Khuri Sand Dunes, in Jaisalmer.

sam sand dunes jaisalmer rj

Sam sand dune

Sam is the most popular desert dune destination which is 45-50 km from Jaisalmer city. Sam is famous for safari tours & has the highest number of desert camps in Jaisalmer, including ours (Rajputana Desert Camp).


Khuri sand dune

Khuri sand dune: After Sam, the sand dune of Khuri is quite popular. Travellers who are interested to explore the village life of Jaisalmer desert, prefer Khuri over Sam. At Khuri one can experience village food & stay.

Get more details on sand dunes of Jaisalmer at our blog on Stunning Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer.

View our blogs on Jaisalmer & Jodhpur

Visit our Jaisalmer office:


1. Where exactly in Sam sand dunes, your office is?
Answer: Our office and team is at Rajputana Desert Camp in Sam, and all our jeep safari tours, along with camel safari is conducted here.

2. How can I reach Sam sand dunes from Jaisalmer?
Ans: You can either hire a local taxi in Jaisalmer city or have a look at our Jaisalmer to Sam taxi package, where we offer one side drop to Sam & round trip at best fare.

3. Do you offer jeep safari at Sam only?
Answer: 90% of our safari tours are conducted in Sam, but there is also Khuri sand dunes area where we offer Jeep & Toyota Fortuner safari tours, mostly to our corporate clients.

Jaisalmer Jeep Safari rate chart:

Tour Name: Location Fare per person
One hour Jeep safari tour Sam sand dunes ₹ 400
Jeep safari with buffet dinner & belly dance Sam sand dunes ₹ 1000
Jeep safari with buffet dinner, belly dance & transfers Sam sand dunes ₹ 1200
Jeep safari with overnight camp stay Sam & Khuri ₹ 1750
Jeep safari with overnight camp stay & transfer Sam sand dunes ₹ 2000
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