Gadisar Lake Jaisalmer

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  • Built in: 12 century AD

  • Things to do & see: boat ride, temples.

  • Entry fees: Free
    Boat ride: Rs 10, 50 & 200 per person

  • Visit duration: 1-2 hours

Gadisar Lake is a beautiful water body in the middle of the desert city of Jaisalmer. This is an artificial lake built during the time of King Rawal Jaisal, who formed the Jaisalmer city in 12th century AD.

At Gadisar Lake, you can come here to enjoy a boat ride, feed fish & also see the stunning architectural works done on the river ghats.

At the Ghats you will find many temples (especially the Shiva temple), Chattris (cenotaphs). migratory birds as Gadisar lake is one of very few water body in Jaisalmer district & many locals selling hand made handicrafts.

Gadisar Lake is a beautiful tourist attraction in Jaisalmer & quite famous among those travellers who love photography.

So, plan a trip here during sunrise or sunset & do check out more details about Gadisar Lake below.

Gadisar Lake Jaisalmer

There isn’t any entry fees to enter the Gadisar Lake premises, but you have to pay for a boat ride.

The boat ride ticket price at Gadisar lake is:

  • Rs 10 (small row boat)
  • Rs 50 (paddle boat)
  • Rs 100 (Shikara)

The best time for boating here is during evening.

The main attraction at Gadisar lake is the boat ride, as along with this you can see the beauty of its ghats, temples & cenotaphs.

Plus you can also checkout the cat fish in the Gadisar lake & feed them, a rare view of fish in the middle of a desert.

The entry gate of Gadisar Lake (Tilon Ki Pol) is also a magnificent entrance, built in 14th century & has a statue of Krishna on its top. So attractions at Gadisar lake are:

  1. Tilon Ki Pol
  2. Cat fish
  3. Ghat temples & cenotaphs
  4. Boat ride & sunset point

To visit the ghat temples & enjoy a boat ride, the timing is from 8 am to 8 pm.

But the best time to visit Gadisar lake is from 4 pm to 7 pm and then visit Mr NK Sharma Museum to enjoy the evening puppet show.

If you are planning to book hotels near Gadisar lake then checkout:

  1. Hotel Hayyat
  2. Hotel Mystic
  3. Hotel Payal
  4. Hotel Rana Villa

Though some of the best hotel in Jaisalmer are:

The location of Gadisar lake is on the outskirts of Jaisalmer city, towards eastern side in the Postal Colony area.

But since Jaisalmer city isn’t quite big, & Gadisar Lake is just:

  • 1.5 km from Jaisalmer Railway Station
  • 1.2 km from Jaisalmer Fort

Gadisar lake history is more than 800 years old, as it was constructed by the 1st king of Jaisalmer, Raja Rawal Jaisal in 12th century AD. Raja Rawal is the same person who laid the foundation of Jaisalmer Fort & on his name the city Jaisalmer got its name.

Gadisar Lake is an artificial lake & its sole purpose was to store water for the city residents. It was also a popular place for the passer-by passing through Jaisalmer.

Since Gadisar Lake is one of the very few lake bodies in Thar desert, it became a natural site for migratory birds and many temples & schools were also built along with the lake by later rulers of Jaisalmer.

There is also an interesting story connected with the entry gate of Gadisar lake, which is Tilon Ki Pol.

This beautiful gate was built by a prostitute, who was not allowed to build it that time by the king of Jaisalmer.

So she constructed a Krishna statue at the top of the gate & forced the king not to bring that entrance down & since then Tilon Ki Pol, had become a part of Jaisalmer History.

Did you know that there was a time, after India’s independence that Gadisar Lake was totally dried up? In the 1970-80s, whole Rajasthan started getting water supply from Indira Gandhi Canal System which led to complete destruction of Gadisar Lake.

But in the 1990’s when Jaisalmer gained popularity among travellers, the lake was redeveloped & since then this lake has became a popular place for tourists to see fish (catfish) & migratory birds.

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