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For travelers in Kolkata, planning to explore Rajasthan by road, Rajputana Cabs offer its Rajasthan Car Rental service.

Here you can hire our cabs from any city of Rajasthan and also from Ahmedabad, Delhi & Agra to plan a week or month long Rajasthan trip.

And to assist our friends from Kolkata, we have prepared more than 2 dozen Rajasthan road trip plans, that starts from various cities of Rajasthan.

So choose the city where you want to 1st arrive from Kolkata & then view our suggested Rajasthan tour plans, starting from that city.

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Our well-planned Rajasthan Car Rental packages

Below you will find more than 20 Rajasthan Road trips starting from Jaipur, Udaipur, Delhi, Ahmedabad etc. You can book our cabs from these cities as we have offices in all these cities.

Jaipur Rajasthan

1. Rajasthan tour by car from Jaipur

Plan a trip to Rajasthan by arriving 1st at Jaipur city (via train or flights) and then from here plan a trip to cities like Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur etc.

You can view our 5 designed Rajasthan road trip plans or view our car rental fare from Jaipur, to hire a car & driver and explore Rajasthan.

You can contact us at below details, or click any of below two button for more details on our Rajasthan Taxi hire service.

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Rajasthan Tour from Jaipur
Jaipur Car Rental

Tip: Fastest train to reach Jaipur from Kolkata? Sealdah Ajmer Express (12987) which takes 23 hour 45 minutes to reach Jaipur from Sealdah Station.

india gate

2. Rajasthan tour by car from Delhi

Plan a trip to Rajasthan by hiring our taxi/ driver from Delhi. Delhi is well connected with Kolkata via train/ flights and we at Rajputana Cabs have prepared 5 Rajasthan road trip plans that starts from Delhi.

Tip: Best trains to reach Delhi from Kolkata are Kolkata Rajdhani, Sealdah Rajdhani & NDLS Duronto.

View all our tours from Delhi by clicking the button below and also view our Delhi car rental offers, by clicking the buttons below.

Our manager contact number: +91 8209351141

Rajasthan Tour from Delhi
Delhi Car Rental

Tip: Along with Delhi & Jaipur, you can arrive in Jodhpur, Udaipur & even Ahmedabad (via flight/ train) and book our taxi from these cities too.

Lake Palace Udaipur Rajasthan

3. Rajasthan tour by car from Udaipur

Udaipur is connected with train & flight (1 stop) with Kolkata, and then from here, you can hire our taxi in Udaipur for a Rajasthan road trip.

Rajputana Cabs is available in Udaipur where we offer our taxi service and have 4 well-planned Rajasthan Car rental packages, starting from Udaipur.

View our Udaipur taxi service & Rajasthan Road trip plans, by clicking the button below, and feel free to call us at

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Rajasthan Tour from Udaipur
Udaipur Taxi Service
Ahmedabad city GJ

4. Rajasthan tour by car from Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is just 5 hour drive from Udaipur & connected with Kolkata with 3 hour flights.

In Ahmedabad, Rajputana Cabs offer car rental (Taxi service) & Rajasthan Car Rental taxi packages, with 4-5 well planned Rajasthan road trips, starting from Ahmedabad.

With us, you can plan to start your Rajasthan trip from Ahmedabad and end the tour in Jaipur, Delhi etc, without no extra taxi fare, as we have offices in all these cities.

View our taxi service & Rajasthan car rental taxi packages from Ahmedabad by clicking the buttons below & contact us at:

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Rajasthan Tour from Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad Car Rental

Apart from the above 4 cities, you can start your Rajasthan Tour by car from Jodhpur, Agra (detailed mentioned below) or from any city of Rajasthan with us. Since Rajputana Cabs, have office in whole Rajasthan, you can end the tour at any city & don’t require to come back to the same city from where you started your tour. Like you started your tour from Delhi and finished at Udaipur, and we won’t charge any extra for Udaipur to Delhi return.

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Mehrangarh Fort Jodhpur image

5. Rajasthan tour by car from Jodhpur

Book a taxi in Jodhpur local city sightseeing or complete Rajasthan tour by car. Click below buttons for more details.

View our Jodhpur car rental service
View Rajasthan tour from Jodhpur
Taj Mahal view from Agra Fort

6. Rajasthan tour by car from Agra

Plan a trip to Agra from Kolkata and hire our taxi for a Rajasthan tour by car from Agra. Note: You can 1st arrive at Delhi Airport from Kolkata, which is 3 hour away from Agra.

View our Agra taxi service
View Rajasthan tour from Agra

The best sites to explore in Rajasthan:

Hawa Mahal in Jaipur

1. Hawa Mahal, Jaipur

Amber Fort at Jaipur

2. Amber Fort, Jaipur

City Palace in Jaipur

3. City Palace, Jaipur

Lake Palace in Udaipur

4. Lake Palace, Udaipur

City Palace of Udaipur

5. City Palace, Udaipur

Jagmandir in udaipur RJ

6. Jagmandir Palace, Udaipur

Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur

7. Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur

8. Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur

9. Sam sand dune, Jaisalmer

10. Golden Fort, Jaisalmer

And also checkout our:

Jal Mahal Jaipur
Click here
India Gate at New Delhi
Click here
Lake Palace Udaipur ariel view
Click here
Ahmedabad city image
Click here

When to visit Rajasthan from Kolkata:

  • The best months to visit/ explore Rajasthan from Kolkata is from September to March.
  • And in these months, November & December are the top peak season months.
  • Plus you will find good crowd on Diwali, New year, 26 January dates.

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Few train options from Kolkata to Jaipur

  • Sealdah Ajmer Express (12987): 11:05 pm departure from Sealdah & 11:55 pm arrival at Jaipur. (Available daily)
  • Howrah Jodhpur Express (12307): 11:40 pm departure from Howrah & 12:23 am (Day 3) arrival at Jaipur. (Available daily)
  • Ananya Express (12315): Only on Thursday, departure from Kolkata (PQ) at 01:10 pm & arrival at Jaipur at 5:45 pm (day 2)

In above three options, 1st trains last stop us Ajmer, 2nd train last stop is Jodhpur and 2rd train last stop is Udaipur.

Kolkata to Delhi trains:

  • Poorva Express (12381): Howrah Station departure (8:15 am) and New Delhi arrival (6:05 am)
  • Kolkata Rajdhani (12305): Howrah Station departure (2:05 pm) & New Delhi station arrival (10:00 am)
  • Sealdah Rajdhani Express (12313): Sealdah Station departure (4:50 pm) & New Delhi Station arrival (10:35 am)
  • NDLS Duronto (12259): Sealdah Station departure (6:30 pm) & New Delhi Station arrival (11:30 am)

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