Five best fine dining restaurants in Jaipur city

Jaipur can leave you with such awe, and if you are a first time visitor to this Pink City, the experience can be even more magical. The royal Rajputana legacy that is ingrained in its sights, sounds and colours can leave you flabbergasted. Adding to the glamour of Jaipur are its exquisite restaurants. They are

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Places to see in and near Manali

Places to see in and near Manali The picturesque hill town of Manali, on the Beas River, in Himachal Pradesh, is a top tourist destination in India. Manali is blessed with spectacular scenic beauty from the lofty Himalayan peaks, gurgling waters of the Beas River, lush green valleys, ancient temples, fruit orchards and pine forests.

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Places to visit in and near Shimla

Places to visit in and near Shimla Shimla, the Queen of Hill Stations, was once the summer retreat of the British. Its snow-clad mountains, dense forests, serene valleys, and colonial-era buildings, lures everyone with its charm. Shimla is at its natural best in the summer and winter months. Its numerous attractions and favorite shopping spots

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List of best flights with timing for Udaipur

List of best flights with timing for Udaipur Planning to reach Udaipur via flight? Then have a look at the below list of some popular flights which you can catch from Delhi and Mumbai. 1. IndiGo6E-494 Departure 6:55 am from Delhi - Arrival 8:40 am in Udaipur - Fare between Rs 3000-3500 2. SpiceJetSG-2623 Departure 7:15

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The complete story of Govind Dev Ji Temple In Jaipur

The complete story of Govind Dev Ji Temple In Jaipur The GovindDev Ji Temple is a very famous place that is very important, spiritual and religious destination for Hindus, especially for the devotees of Shree Krishna. The temple is surrounded by many gardens in which there are few beautiful chandeliers (which came from Europe) and many

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Top 5 car videos on the net

Top 5 car videos on the net I love cars and when I just saw an amazing add of jaguar it triggered an idea. This idea is to write a video add on top 10 car videos which are available on thee net. So have a look. 1 The Jaguar add which gave me the idea.

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The best cab cars in Jaipur

The best cab cars in Jaipur Jaipur is a famous tourist city and we as a cab company has entertained more than 10,000 travellers in exploring Jaipur. But this post isn't about the beauty if my city, though it is beautiful but its about the 5 cab vehicles which one must buy if they are

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Jaipur travel guide & distance of major destinations from Airport & Railway

Jaipur is a 300 year old city and today is one of the top 5 holiday destinations in India. Below we have prepared a list of popular tourist destinations and their distance from Jaipur Railway Station & Jaipur Airport.

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